T&S – Technology and Services was established in September 2001 with the founding philosophy of Advanced Technology and Professional Services. We started our business as a distributor of overseas companies for cables, electrical tools, instruments and cable accessories. We also developed our own brand of tools under the name of Helix and acquired many patents on new devices in the S. Korean marketplace.

In 2015 we expanded our business and entered into the insulation marketplace setting up a new factory to fabricate metal cladding, removable insulation boxes, and associated insulation products. Having completed several successful projects for major shipyards and the offshore Oil & Gas industry it’s time to move forward again. In 2019 with the first contract in onshore market, we will focus our efforts to successfully complete the project, while we explore more opportunities in the Petrochemical, Power and Energy industries with dedicated team.

We continually strive to strengthen our company as a competent, innovative and reliable partner to our customers

HHI - Best supplier award (HIQ - Hyundai Integrated Quality)
Established Seoul Sales Branch
Certificate for Registration of Construction Business (no. 고성2018-10-03)
Presserv – Sponge Jet : Agent contrac
Maintenance Quailifying certificate (five Power Corporations)
(Air/Gas duct – no.WITHU20180908049)
(BOP – no.WITHU20180908048)
(Casing – no.WITHU20180908047)
Award of appreciation plaque about Johan Sverdrup RP & P1 from Equinor
3D Scanner Measuring method registration
Statoil Diploma - Outstanding Contribution T&S Technology and Services
(Project Meterial Vendor)
Construction completed for the 4th Go-Sung factory
Opening of Ulsan Office
Insulation Box & Metal Jacketing Project
Signed contract for Korean agency with FAVUSEAL
Construction completed for the 2nd Go-Sung factory
ISO 9001/ 14001/ OHSAS 18001 Certification
Certification for Research & Development division
Signed contract for Korean agency with SCHWARTMANNS
Plan to build the 3rd Go-Sung Factory
Geo Je office moved with extension to Jang -Seung-Po (Neung Po)
Privilege license was registered for Helix HHC-Smarter
Dae-Jeo factory moved with extension
Helix – Dieless Hose Pressuring Device (privilege License)
HQ transferred to Western Busan Distribution District (Dae-Jeo, Busan)
Signed contract for Korean agency with Bilfinger
Released Helix HHC-Smarter (Privilege License No 10-2013-0041701)
Established 2nd Factory in Dae-Jeo-Dong, Kang-Seo, Busan
Hose Band Crimping Dies registered in the Utility Model (No. 30-0659942)
Bis Lambda (BILFINGER) marketing
Passive Fire Protection products
Registered M-BOSS type cable tag in the Utility Model (No. 20-0453096)
Established 1st factory in Bae-Dun-Li, Hoe-Hwa-Myun, Go-Sung-Gun, Gyeong-Nam province
Developed hose crimping tool for the pipes less than 2” in cooperation with HHI and made an application
Developed and registered privilege license for the cable cutting dies (No. 10-1068521)
Contracted as agency for special cables from Kukdong Cable
Fire seal – Contracted as the sole distributor for domestic shipbuilding company
and sales sealing system for cable & steel pipe passage FLEX-D sealing system for plastic
pipe passage - Pipelock
Converted to T&S Corporation
Geo Je office established at Yeon-Sa-Li, Yeon-Cho-Myun of Geo-Je city
Hose Crimping Tool upgraded into HHC-150A
Invented HDW-6020 Winch used for ship cable embedding and registered in the Utility Model (No.0397114)
Hellerman Tyton – Contracted as the sole distributor for domestic shipbuilding company
Hellerman Tyton – sales and supply
Developed Hose Crimping Tool (HHC150) (No.0324053)
Textron Group: Greenlee (U.S.A)
KLAUKE (Germany)
Contracted for the agency in the province of Busan, Gyeongnam
Invented Pipe Bender HPB-16 and registered in the Utility Model (No. 0298178)
Founded T&S as the private establishment